Roots Revival Vol. 1: "Breakin' Ground"

by Jacob Green

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released March 21, 2013

Jacob Green - Vocals, Guitars, Dobro, Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Stomp Box & Foot Tambourine


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Jacob Green Charleston, Vermont

Energetic rhythms and captivating melody, Jacobs Green brews bona fide homegrown music.Blues singer/songwriter with a twist, Jacob Green , becomes a OneManBand, stompbox under foot, harmonica upon neck, strumming instruments tirelessly touring the country.Whether Green plays guitar, banjo, dobro, or ukulele, he forms rhythm, percussion, and lead simultaneously transforming into “OneManGreenBand”. ... more


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Track Name: Rollin' on
Verse 1:
Gonna take my time, on this life of mine
Gonna sort it out, what the fuss about
I'll get right, before I'm wrong.. Rollin' on
I survived and now I'm gone..Rollin' on
Verse 2:
Drop your attitude & get a soulful mood
Havin' faith's a must, now don't break my trust
Verse 3:
Now which way to go? on this back woods road
When will I learn? which way to turn
Track Name: Hope ya ain't out of Love
Their comes a time, for a ramlbin' mind, you got to make sense of this gypsy life
As the temperature rises, so does the tide, we got find a way to get through the divide
Their's a distant land for a ramblin' man, right where the river meets the sand
But sometimes you can't get up or stand, you got to make do of your broken plans

You got to know, when enough is enough
You got to grow, when the goin' gets tough
You let go, when push comes to shove
and then ya hope, I hope ya ain't outta Love

Their's a time & place for the human race, we all got to face our own mistakes
Some call it fate, but all it takes, a little confrontation before you awake
At the rise of day, we'll find a way to get further down that highway
If you compromise your ramblin' mind, you might see the future before your eyes

Track Name: Into the Sea
Verse 1:
I wana be good to ya mama, but sometimes temptation gets ahold of me
I wana live a life with no drama, but somtimes my temper get the best of me
I don't know what will come tomorrow, but I know I can't wait to see
I've got this road to follow, although I don't know where it's gunna lead

I'm gunna ride out on the highway, I'm gunna let that wind, grab ahold of me
I'm gunna roll like a freight train, I'm gunna ride these rails til they run right into the sea, Right into the sea
Now you know I need ya mama, for how long guess I couldn't say
But I woke up with no headache & that's the best thing I got goin' today
I don't know what will come tomorrow, but I know I can't wait to see
I've got this road to follow, although I don't know where it's gunna lead
Track Name: Mountain Wind Howl
Well the wind is blowin' strong & it'll carry me to my home
But ain't nobody knows, which way that wind will blows...
The wind's blowin' east, wind's blowin west
Na the wind don't stop don't take no rest
Keeps blowin' me in circles all around
yea it's pushin' me north, pushin' me south
But when will it blow me back
to my old lonesome shack
in my mind & on the hill
will that wind ever stay still?
Well I don't wanna be left astray, but don't know how long I can stay
Cuz the wind it blows my mind away, and I don't think it's gunna fade
ain't gunna fade, na the wind won't fade away
Track Name: The Land
I wanted to make a difference, I wanted people to understand
we will face a sentence, for what we've done to the land
but to them it didn't make much sense, they could not comprehend
I wanted to make a difference, but no one gives a damn about the land
Verse 1:
I wonder how much time is spent, on our enviroment
well if it's any at all, it's only by these scientists
who try to re-shape our earth, you know they really only make it worse
cuz we ain't the ones who made it first, na we ain't the ones who gave it birth
Verse 2:
If you we're the creator, of this mother nature
how much would you saver, probally every acre
but you're just another, sister or a brother
who don't care to discover, the nature of our mother
Track Name: Cuttin' me down
Verse 1:
you out here workin' on these streets or you sittin' on your ass like a bum?
you sittin' their knoddin' your head to the beat, or ya tryin' to give that gutiar a strum, it go like...
ain't no time like the right time & you know the right time is now
most misunderstand when I write rhymes, some comprehend somehow
I ain't no savior, I just got mad flavor
I just sing that soulful sound, but you keep diggin' my hole in the ground
Ya cuttin' me down, just to bring you up x2
ya runnin' ya mouth just a little too much
ya cuttin' me downm just to bring you up
now you know what they say, the harder you come the harder you fall
which is kinda hard to believe when a man ain't standin' too tall
I ain't no preacher, I just smoke a lota reefer
I'm tryin' to connect with your eyes, but you keep cuttin' me down to size
No you ain't gunna break my soul today
No you ain't gunna take it all away
Verse 3:
I ain't not leader, I just want to feed ya
with my words and wisdom, but I head ya been dissin'
Track Name: With you
Verse 1:
on my own, with my own fears
was all alone, you appeared
out of place, in my stance
tryin' to take, take a chance
With you, keep me high
like the moon, inside your eyes
Let's go , take my fears away baby
I wanna face the world with no lookin' back, with you...
Verse 2:
Play it safe, take it slow
before we take, the opend road
my fantasy, my darlin'
I plant the seed, to the garden
Track Name: Don't wanna be
Verse 1:
I got that nerve to climb, that highest mountain peak
and when I reached the top I looked as far as I could see
I saw the sky was burnin' read & bloodshot river stream
and to me that fall didn't seem so steep
So I tumbled down & drown in a shallow mountain creek
but to me that water felt so deep
And then it rained for weeks & weeks , as I cried myself to sleep
and I prayed the lord my soul was still to keep
All I wanted to be, was a ramblin' gypsy
I guess I turned myself against destiny
So if I seem ungrateful for this life you've given me, forgive me lord cuz I don't wanna be
Verse 2:
I hitched a ride to town, in a old worn out hurse
and i thought ot myself things couldn't get much worse
it was a bumpy ride inside from the gravel roads & dirt
and with every bump my heart began to hurt
then we reached that old saloon, or the one that we saw first
and I went to see what a man with strings was worth
they told me "ganja for my thoughts, a lil' whiskey for my thirst"
and I prayed the lord to rid me of this curse
dont' wanna be anything, don't wanna be this human being for give me lord but I don't wanna be
Track Name: Haters Beware
Haters Beware, my love ain't goin' nowhere x2
Verse 1:
It might roll over seas, blows back with the breeze
it comes back with a force, ain't talkin' intercourse
talkin' straight from the heart, put your love back in art
put it back into the earth, back into the universe
Verse 2:
Callin' out to all the lovers, all my sisters and brothers
granpapi grandmonther, ya know I can't help but love ya
feel it down in ya soul, let love take control
let grabd ahold of your spinal cord, feel it way down below
Verse 3:
Gotta let your love spread, spread across the land
an open heart, open mind is bound to expand
let it be something sacred, destroy any hatred
let it destroy this disgusted devastated nation

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